Good Breath!

  • Veterinarian Recommended for Dogs with ‘Stinky Mouth’
  • Each ingredient promotes fresh breath
  • Hypo Allergenic formulation (wheat free)

Good Tummy!

  • The Ginger Snap recipe for your dog
  • Loaded with Pumpkin to calm digestion
  • Available in cookie or Pee Wee Cracker sizes

Good Puppy

  • High Value
  • Grain Free
  • Extremely Effective Training Treat

Origins Canine Food Supplement

Origins is a premier 5-in-one whole food supplement that adds real nutrition while providing total gut health support to improve overall animal health.

Two Paws Up Bakery Treats

The doggy-delicious treats you have come to know and love from Two Paws Up Bakery are HERE!  The same hand-made techniques, the same natural ingredients, the same tasty recipes will continue to roll from our kitchen to your happy canine companion.  

"Good" Treats

Learn more about our wheat-free treats that provide wonderful additional benefits!

Decorated Treats

They’re as attractive to the eye as they are tasty for your dog.

Bulk Treats

Our Bulk Treats are tasty – Mix and match by the pound!


Perfect for Puppy Play-dates or other Special Events!

The Premier Dog Food Supplement

This is an amazingly effective whole food supplement and we are proud to bring it to you!