About KC Canine

Dec 15, 2017

We don’t know of a treat that dogs value more.

We have been to several National Championship events over the years and have not found a dog treat as universally used by owners of canine athletes as is KCcanine. These treats smell fantastic (that’s why dogs work so well for them), are made of the wholesome stuff you want to put in your dog and contain none of the ‘junk’ (chemicals / off-shore ingredients of questionable sources) you don’t want in your dog. They come in handy strips with sections scored to break off easily and if you have a smaller dog with a smaller mouth, you can break each square down in to smaller sections. The products are not greasy, they do not crumble easily, and have a very long shelf life because of the process used to make them. No need to refrigerate – just keep them in a zip-tight bag once you have opened the package.

KCcanine soft jerky treats are made in the Flint Hills of Kansas, home of the pioneering cattle drives, KC Steak and KC Barbecue! The facility is a small, family-owned USDA-Certified meat-packing house that’s been in business for more than 40 years. KCcanine uses only native meats like bison, venison, beef, chicken, elk and farm-raised tilapia from the crystal clear waters of Colorado as main ingredients – each of which is a delicious source of nutrition for working dogs and performance dogs. Each ingredient used is all-natural and grown / raised in the U.S. – not off-shore. These treats contain absolutely zero additives, by-products or colors. The meats are source-verified and identity-retained. All products are artisan-crafted, hand-packed and distributed in environmentally-friendly packages. These premium dog training soft jerky treats contain Protein Dense© muscle meat in each bar.

We have chosen to partner with Bill and Elaine Schwing of KCcanine to bring these delicious, healthy, and highly motivating treats to you because of our shared values and an absolute focus on providing healthy and natural products for our household and performance dogs along with excellence in customer satisfaction.

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