About our Products

About our “Good” Treats

We're mixin' up a line of treats that are not only highly desirable to your dog, but also serve a purpose. You might call them "treats on a mission"! First and foremost, they ARE treats, not some manufactured formula of synthetic substances that have been mashed...

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About Origins by Rogue Pet Feed

Origins has done amazing things for dogs we know and love!   Origins is a ground-breaking supplement that provides a beneficial and highly digestible protein source (92% digestible) to support the health and performance needs of your dog. The natural oil...

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About KC Canine

We don't know of a treat that dogs value more. We have been to several National Championship events over the years and have not found a dog treat as universally used by owners of canine athletes as is KCcanine. These treats smell fantastic (that's why dogs work so...

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